February favourite items

At the twins, there’s always something new. We’re constantly listening for your opinion and trying to get what YOU want on our board. For this month, we’ve kept track of your favourite bites and drinks so you can make sure you’re not missing out on the big talk! Also, next time you’re visiting, tells us what you would like to see on the menu. We’ll be keeping up with the customer favourites so stay in tune for details on our website and more menu updates in the upcoming spring season ! See you soon : )



  1. Chicken Avocado Bagel
  2. Grilled Cheese
  3. Smoked Salmon Bagel
  4. Belgian Waffle & Lavender White Chocolate
  5. Multigrain Bagel & Honey Walnut Cream Cheese


  1. Lavender Latte
  2. Rose Latte
  3. Lavender Fog
  4. Bombay Chai
  5. Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha


One thought on “February favourite items

  1. I’ve had the grilled cheese with bacon and apple a few times and it is amazing. The other day my boss had this yummy looking bagel and I had to try it. I am in love with the chicken avocado bagel! OMG it is sooood good. I love your coffee shop! Thank you 🙂


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